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Fleur has been put on our fostering scheme, whereby we pay for any age related vet bills and also we will assist for grooming costs. 

Fleur is a female Samoyed cross born in around 2007/2008, and is a large dog. Although she is fine with other people once she gets to know them she would suit a home with just a lady owner and bonds really well.  She ideally needs a home with space so she can have the odd moment to be on her own if she wants.  

Dogs:  Fleur is fine with other dogs when she's out and about but she would need a home where she is the only one.

Cats:   Fleur does not like cats.

Children:   We would not place Fleur in a home where there are children.    


Fleur is stunning to look at and boy doesn't she know it!! She does like to try it on with people and can be incredibly stubborn if she is allowed to get away with it; however Fleur is getting much better with her manners and training. She just adores any attention she can get so responds very well to positive training (just not treats, fuss instead)!! 

Fleur can be fairly strong on the lead if she wants to be so needs someone who can handle her, she does however walk nicely most of the time and tends to respond quite well to verbal commands. It doesn't seem like she has had much training previously but she is a quick learner and is coming along nicely.  She loves her walks but does not need long walks and can easily entertain herself in a garden.

Fleur loves toys, squeaky toys being her favourite!!! She always has an abundance of toys in her kennel and always heads to the toy box to find a new toy before she does anything else. She has a very good ‘give’ command and will let you have the toy with no problem, however she doesn’t agree with having to go ‘fetch’ the toy once you’ve thrown it. She prefers to watch while the toy is fetched for her. After a while she will get bored of playing and then will spend as much time as possible having cuddles. She really does love human company and is very happy with as much attention as she can get, even if cuddles aren’t possible at the time she is content to follow you around and investigate what you are doing.

All in all Fleur is a beautiful dog with a fantastic nature and will make someone a great pet.

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