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Bentley is a gorgeous Akita born the beginning of 2014. He hasn't had the upbringing he deserves and therefore is behind in his training and socialisation. Bentley needs an adult home with people who are used to bigger dogs and are willing to put some time and effort in. His socialising with other dogs has improved and we now think he could quite happily live with a female.  Once Bentley has had the right direction he will become a brilliant dog!!


Dogs:   Bentley is fine with most dogs out and about, however in a home environment he would be fine                   with a female only.

Cats:   Bentley would not suit a home with cats.

Children:  We would not place Bentley in a home with children.


Bentley is a friendly boy but he does tend to gravitate towards women, there have been a few men that Bentley has been very uncomfortable around. Bentley’s first family didn’t treat him with the respect he deserves and never bothered teaching him any manners. He was never walked or taken out the house so was never socialised with people or other animals. Since being with us he has come on in leaps and bounds and has turned out to be a cheeky, lovable big bear. He now needs someone to continue what we have started and finish the last little bit of training.

Bentley has a very cheeky playful character and needs an owner that isn’t afraid to show him how to behave. We have noticed that Bentley does like to try it on when he meets new people and see what he can or can’t get away with. It doesn’t take much for him to listen though. Bentley is beginning to pay attention to toys and now loves to play with you. He does still need controlled play however as he can very excited and then the play turns into puppy mouthing, he has trouble getting his excitement levels under control so needs some training in this area. However he is listening more and more and now knows that using his mouth is wrong, he just needs reminding of it every now and then.

Bentley had no previous training when he first came to us, this is improving all the time and now he will listen fairly well to what he knows. Bentley does enjoy the training process as he likes using his mind; he picks up new things very quickly. He does pull the funniest expressions though and always seems to look bored while concentrating. We had to start from scratch when it came to socialising him with other dogs, however this happened very quickly and it seemed Bentley was very eager to have some doggy interaction time. He now behaves very well with other dogs and pack walks are his favourite pastime, he is also very good with dogs that are reactive because he couldn’t care less. He just turns away from them and goes back to his walk like nothing happened, he is very useful at the kennels when we are assessing new dogs because of this very reason.

All in all Bentley is a beautiful dog with a fantastic personality, he just needs someone experienced with Akitas or big dogs and who is willing to show him a little direction. With some time and patience he will make someone an amazing pet

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