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Save Our Shelter Scheme

Save Our Shelter Scheme

Whether you have had a rescue dog yourself or not, close your eyes for just one minute and imagine going up to the kennels at Birch Hill to find your four-legged friend. You may look at several dogs before the one you eventually said "that's the one I want". We know that many of you, given half the chance, would like to take them all, but obviously that isn't possible, is it? No, realistically it isn't!

You may be unaware of how long the dog you chose had been there, waiting for you to come along and offer it a home. He or she may have been there just a few days or possibly several months or years, you see Birch Hill looks after all the dogs that are in need and seeks shelter there, until a suitable home is found. How did that dog end up in rescue? Maybe it was a stray, or maybe its owners circumstances had changed, maybe its owner died, or the worst case of all, maybe it had been mistreated or neglected.

Let's take a dog called Paddy who came into rescue for instance. You see Paddy found himself all alone when his owner died. He was left on his own in the house for a whole month with just a neighbour to pop in. Can you imagine how Paddy felt, he must have been waiting there expecting his owner to come back home, but sadly he didn't.

The neighbour tried her hardest to find a home for Paddy who was an 11 year old Labrador cross, but to no avail. His owners daughter told the neighbour that she couldn't be bothered with all that and booked him in at the vets to be put to sleep. In a stroke of luck the vet only had a 3.10 appointment and the daughter wanted to get away by 3.00, so he was booked for the following morning. Paddy had been reprieved for one night. This small window gave enough time for the neighbour to contact us and the following morning Paddy was transported up to Birch Hill where after a short time he went out to a foster home.

It's sad, but for some dogs like Paddy, they don't all get given a second chance, and at 11 years old still with plenty of energy, their lives are prematurely cut short.

Birch Hill is only a small rescue and kennel spaces are limited. Now in an ideal world we would win the lottery, buy a bigger kennels where we could save even more dogs, but sadly this is the real world where in the present economic climate just surviving in order to care for the dogs is a tricky task of its own.

We know times are hard for everyone but we desperately need your support. We are hoping to get as many people to donate such a small amount, that hopefully it will not make too much of a difference to their budget but it would make a huge difference to us and the dogs in our care.

We're sure if Paddy could speak he would say "please help Save Our Shelter"

Towards the end of Summer 2011 we had two adorable little Staffies come into rescue called Alice and Cassie. We know that this breed of dog is not to everybody's liking but Staffies are probably the most cruelly treated breed of dog there is and regardless of what people may think of them they do not deserve the level of abuse that is dished out to them by the so-called owners. The staffie is a wonderful dog but misunderstood due to the small minority of bad owners, which sadly give the whole breed a bad name.

A call came through via another rescue centre about a Staffie called Alice who was due to be put to sleep in a day or two.

Previously Alice had been stabbed by her owner several times and she had been rescued by this rescue centre. They treated her injuries and got her back to being fit again, but sadly nobody had shown any interest in her and now her time was up.

Alice, for all the love and devotion she had given had sadly been dealt an unlucky hand in life. She had survived her owner trying to kill her but now in a double blow she was due to be put to sleep. Birch Hill answerd her call for help and she came into rescue without any fear of destruction.

Cassie was brought into rescue by a man who had found here wandering and she was bleeding from her bottom. He had contacted many rescues but nobody would take her in, even though she quite obviously needed urgent medical attention.

Birch Hill came to her aid and the next day she underwent emergency surgery because she was suffering with Pyometra, which is life-threatening. This condition had been caused by overbreeding, and what made Cassie's condition even more cruel was that she had been forcibly mated by tying wire around her muzzle so she couldn't fight against it. This barbaric contraption had been on for so long it had cut into the tissue and damaged it so that now shw has a permanent ring around her nose. She also had a hole through her tongue.

We are pleased to say that these two dogs found loving new homes, but without Birch Hill it's safe to say that neither of them would be here now. The shelter was a bright light when all but hope had faded.

If they could talk we're sure both Alice and Cassie would say "please help Save Our Shelter"

You can help all the desperate dogs who need Birch Hill for support by saving their shelter. By signing up for just 12 months to donate £2 per month, that's £24 for a year, you can help keep Birch Hill open. It might not seem much but if enough people sign up it will enable the rescue to continue through this very difficult time.

All you have to do is fill in the form and sign up for 12 months. During your 12 months you'll receive two news bulletins letting you know how the rescue is doing, and how with the help of your donation, things are improving.

You can pay £2 monthly by standing order or make a one-off payment of £24, the choice is yours. Either way you will be helping the many dogs like Paddy, Alice and Cassie who rely on Birch Hill for a glimmer of hope.

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