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Sponsor our Rescue

Sponsor Our Rescue

There are lots of ways to help us and the easiest is to join our Sponsor Scheme. By joining you will be helping us to receive a regular monthly income.

Knowing that you're there for us gives us peace of mind. Because we rely purely on donations for our survival we never know what's around the corner so just like you know how much money you have coming in each month to pay your bills, it gives us some idea of how much we'll be receiving. This helps us to plan ahead for any unforseen veterinary bills e.t.c.

As already mentioned, Birch Hill Dog Rescue holds a non-destruction policy. Every dog regardless of age or breed will receive the utmost care until a suitable home is found. Some of the dogs we have into rescue may be re-homed very quickly and yet others can stay here for a long time, some have been here for as many as 4 years before the right home was found. Needless to say, with a policy of this nature it costs a great deal of money to keep the rescue going.

£5 will give a dog a safe haven for the night offering him/her a warm bed with clean bedding, two good meals a day, toys to play with and some treats. They'll also receive the utmost care and attention, and when needed we'll be there for that all important cuddle.

£20 will Microchip a dog. All the dogs we have in rescue are micro chipped so that when they leave us to go to a new home they carry a unique number. So many dogs go missing each year and end up in rescue centres. If a dog gets lost, by scanning the dog the owners can be traced.

£40 will fully vaccinate a dog giving them protection against all the common diseases and also Parvovirus. It is important that these vaccinations are kept up to date and the dog is protected each year.

£80-£120 will get a dog neutered. All the dogs before they leave the rescue are neutered/spayed thereby preventing unnecessary breeding, some cancers and health problems.

Priceless. Your donations will help give some dogs the emergency surgery needed when health and life is at risk. Your donations will also help give older dogs a better chance of finding a new home on our Fostering Scheme because any age related veterinary costs will be paid for by the rescue.


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