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Past Events

Easter Vintage Gathering held at Stoke Prior on 19th-21st April 2014

This was our first fundraising event of the year and despite the odd gust of wind and odd shower all in all the weather was quite kind to us.  There wasn't particularly a huge turnout from the general public but this could have been because it was the fIirst bank holiday of the year and people were most probably keen to get away to somewhere warmer.  It was the first time this year too that the pirate treasure trove game had been brought out of storage and we found it quite difficult remembering where we had put everything but apart from forgetting the odd item and a complete section of shelving, we managed to get the rest together.  We also ran a Fun Dog Show at this event although we had to cancel Sunday's show because of the weather and the lack of dogs taking part.  The whole event managed to raise a fantastic £282.19 for the dogs in our care.


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