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Akita cross, 7 years old


Lexi is a very pretty 7 year old female Akita cross. She is a very friendly girl and adores everyone she meets, she is extremely gentle and a complete cuddle bug. Lexi is well behaved and listens to known commands very quickly. Lexi is ok with some dogs but needs careful introductions. We are looking for a home where there are no cats other dogs or children under 12 years old.



Lexi originally came into rescue when she was 2 years old and was rehomed very quickly, during the past 5 years she has proved to be an ideal companion to her owner and has taken part in many a fun dog show winning no end of rosettes and awards.  Sadly, due to her owners change in circumstances she finds herself once again looking for her forever home.

Lexi is an absolute delight to be around. She is one of the most gentle, sweet natured dogs about. She likes to be with you and is happiest when she's with company, Lexi is very well behaved and responds easily to known commands. She is extremely friendly and loves making new friends; she behaves excellently with a crowd of people and just laps up all the fuss she can get. 

Lexi loves going for walks; she behaves very well and always walks nicely on the lead. She can be a liitle choosy when it comes to her doggy friends but overall she is quite acceptable of most dogs once she has walked with them once or twice. She does prefer to have one on one attention from her owner so she is looking for a home with no cats or other dogs. 

Lexi is a complete sweetheart and she will make someone a very loyal companion. 


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